High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby
High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby
High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby
High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby
High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby
High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby
High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby
High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby

    High Sensitive Bedwetting Sensor Alarm for Baby


    Help Your Child Learn To Wake Up Dry On Time

    Bed-wetting is a common issue among children. About 20 percent of all 5-year-old children wet the bed and a small number of 10-year-old still have bed-wetting. While most children will outgrow their bed-wetting it can be embarrassing for children and cause low self-esteem.

    The bed-wetting alarm for kids is the best bed-wetting solution that cures urinary incontinence. The system has a success rate of 90% within 6-12 weeks. The idea behind a bed-wetting alarm is that it alerts kids as soon as the moisture sensor is attached to the Child's urine. An alarm sounds and wakes the kid up in time to stop the accident in progress, giving them time to get to the toilet to finish the job.

    How the Alarm Stops Bedwetting ?

    The alarm sounds at the first sign of moisture, and interrupts the wetting process. The alarm conditions the child to quickly recognize bladder fullness, and awaken before wetness occurs. Complete success usually takes just 4 to 12 weeks.

    Bed-wetting Alarms work on the principle of Conditioned Learning where the brain is conditioned to be open to messages from the bladder and prevent bed-wetting during sleep. When the moisture sensitive part of the alarm is activated by the first drop of urine, the alarm sounds and your child should usually wake up. The brain will react by sending a message to the bladder to stop the flow of urine. Eventually a link between wetting the bed and being woken is established and your child's mind learns to 'beat the alarm', hopefully leading to dry nights.

    Our Bedwetting Alarm consists of two main parts - the Alarm and the easy-clip Moisture Sensor. The Alarm unit is positioned around your child's upper arm using the adjustable strap and the attached cord then runs up your child's arm (underneath the pajamas top) and is clipped to the outside of your child's jocks or knickers. When your child starts to wee, the moisture sensor detects the urine immediately and activates the Alarm. The Alarm will give out a loud 'beeping' sound, start vibrating and the light will start flashing. The Alarm will continue to sound until the Moisture Sensor is removed from the underwear. This helps to wake up even the deepest of sleepers !

    Using the Bedwetting Alarm over time will train the brain to have automatic control over the bladder. Your child will learn to wake up before needing to wee, or continue to sleep without needing to empty their bladder.


    • Habit Formation: Synchronized sound and vibration alerts at the very first drop of moisture, wakens and motivates your child to finish urinating in bathroom and to form a habit in 4-12 weeks.
    • Boost Your Child's Confidence: Train children to become aware of their nighttime bladder function, help them overcome bed-wetting and sleep dry, no more teasing by siblings and friends, a great boost to children’s confidence and self esteem.
    • Safe to Use & Doctor Recommended: Natural approach and no side effects; proven to stop bed-wetting in boys and girls and deep sleepers in weeks without medication, help build the brain-bladder connection and alert the child /adult /old baby when wetting occurs.
    • Convenient and Effective: Compact microprocessor controlled sensor will not poke or pinch, adjustable armband alarm fits on child's upper arm for comfortable sleep.

    Product Specifications:

    • Color: White
    • Material: ABS
    • Power Supply: 2 * 3V 150mAh CR2025 Button Battery
    • Wire Length: 92cm
    • Item Size: 5.0 * 5.0 * 1.5cm / 1.97 * 1.97 * 0.59in
    • Item Weight: 47g / 1.66oz
    • Package Size: 10.3 * 10.3 * 4.4cm / 4.06 * 4.06 * 1.73in
    • Package Weight: 138g / 4.86oz

    Package List:

    • 1 * Bedwetting Alarm
    • 1 * Screwdriver
    • 1 * User Manual (English)
    • 2 * Sticker
    • 1 * Record Card


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