Portable Cordless Hair Dryer - Low Temperature Hair Care
Portable Cordless Hair Dryer - Low Temperature Hair Care
Portable Cordless Hair Dryer - Low Temperature Hair Care
Portable Cordless Hair Dryer - Low Temperature Hair Care
Portable Cordless Hair Dryer - Low Temperature Hair Care

    Portable Cordless Hair Dryer - Low Temperature Hair Care



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    This is The New Generation of Hair Dryer!

    Is your bathroom a tangle of cords that creates a mess around the sink? It’s definitely a hassle when trying to dry your hair and loose electrical cords are dangerous in wet environments. Being tied to the power outlet also makes it difficult when sharing a bathroom with others. Our cordless hair dryer sets you free from the cord, dries hair quickly and simplifies your life. Say goodbye to cords and take your hair dryer anywhere.


    Use it Anywhere

    Blow-drying Hair During Your Morning Routine

    Mornings are busy. To get out the door on time, you need to be a multi-tasker. Our cordless hair dryer is here to help. Now you can dry your hair while moving freely around the house, waking up the kids, choosing your outfit for the day or grabbing a cup of coffee. It speeds up your morning routine and gets you ready for the day.


    Take It To The Gym

    Our cordless hair dryer is super portable. After you finish your workout, you can wash your hair and get a professional blow-dry with cordless hair dryer immediately. You won’t be searching for a power outlet or leaving the gym with wet hair. It helps you look your best at all times.


    Blow-drying Kid's Hair

    Our cordless hair dryer is a perfect helper for active kids. No matter where your kids are, dry their hair easily while they are playing. Cable free, worry-free.


    Fast Drying For Pet’s Hair 

    In order to keep your pet’s coat healthy, you should dry their hair after every bath. Our cordless hair dryer is pet-friendly. With stronger air velocity and perfect temperature control, dry their hair faster and safer. 

    Why Choose Our Cordless Hair Dryer


     1. Temperature Control

     Most hair dryers get too hot and drying hair at extreme temperatures leaves hair brittle, causing breakage and split ends.


    2. Release Hair Care Moisturizing Ion

    Air collection technology, wide air duct structure, can release high-speed airflow, under the same function, the wind is large and concentrated, with moisturizing ions, short drying time, while taking care of your hair to release negative ions. Salon-level hair care, deep nourish hair, repair hair scales, long-term use, soft and shiny hair.


     3. Three Nozzle Designs

    The smoothing nozzle is used to dry the hair while smoothing hair. The styling nozzle is used to control the wind direction for easy styling. Airflow gathering technology promote the wind speed of our Hair Dryer. The diffused tuyere is used smoothing hair and make the curls more visible.


    4. Removable Filter

    For easy cleaning, and 2.3m salon cable with hang loop safe, easy to use and. 2 SPEED (Soft/Fast) & 3 HEAT SETTINGS (Hot/Warm/Cool): Different settings and cool shot button can make easy hair styling, let you drying and styling flexibility.




    • Color: Gray
    • Model: HD001
    • Handle folding: not fordable
    • Speed control gear: third gear
    • Wind mouth style: 2 collecting nozzle ,1 diffuser
    • Function: negative ions, hot and cold wind, fine water ions, constant temperature
    • Overheat protection: Yes
    • Material: New Nylon
    • Wire Length: 8.20ft /2.5m
    • Hair dryer net weight: about 600g, compact and light, strong wind, easy to shape
    • Motor: Seiko AC motor
    • Heating wire: advanced U waveform design

    Package Includes:

    Our Costumers FAQs:

    Question: Does it fold?
    Answer: It can't fold, but it is small size, very convenience to carry for travel.

    Question: Is this hair dryer hot air or cold air?
    Answer: it has 2 speed (HIGH/LOW) and 3 heat (HOT/COOL/WARM) settings.

    Question: Should I change manually the voltage or it is automatic?
    Answer: it is US plug, no need to change.

    Question: Does higher wattage mean more pressure or more heat? What's the difference between other hair dryers?
    Answer: More power will be make your hair dry faster.

    Question: How mush time it will take to arrive?
    Answer: After Shipping it will take 5-10 Business Days to USA. Please check our shipping policy for more informations.

    If you have any other question please contact us at Contact@Scokie.com.